(but Ill Settle For Sweet Memories Of Peanuts And Cheeto Signs Too.) Lets Keep In Touch! Producers Recognize That Westerners Moen't Understand This, So They Use One That Suits Your Complexion.


Turned her off to the idea of activism for good? I wondered about it as we got Chinese food and then put our feet up, channel-surfing through cable and marveling at aerial shots of the crowd, cheering ourselves for having been a part of it all. Finally, I asked what had been positive about the protestfor her. All the different signs, she said, surprising me with her quiet observation skills and smiling guiltily while listing some of her favorites the new president depicted has having the body of a baby, with pig ears, Xd out, andas a Cheeto. Related: More Amazing Photos You Missed From the Womens March in Washington, D.C. Other highlights: Wearing my hat, seeing all the other pussy hats, and getting to look into everyone elses bags, which were march-regulated clear backpacks, through which she was delighted to spy phones, small protest signs, wallets, and such snacks as, a tiny bag of salted peanuts and a peanut butter and banana sandwich. And then came this:I cant believe how many were brave enough to come and speak out about what they believe, she said, looking truly floored. It was really very brave. I was so gratefulin that moment that she had beenable to bearwitness, and that shed taken so much of it in. Related: Pink Pussy Hats Unite Millions at Womens Marches Around the World I have friends whose parents took them to protest marches and rallies when they werekids, and they tell me they remember just bits and pieces or general vibes feeling really good, sitting on the avenue to rest and eating an ice cream cone with my mom, intimidating crowds, a fun family activity and I suppose it will be the same with my daughter. My greatest hope is that shell be left with lingering visions of fierce feminists in pink hats and a deepappreciation of free speech and democracy at its best, and the beautiful power of the people. (But Ill settle for sweet memories of peanuts and Cheeto signs too.) Lets keep in touch!

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