Its The Relatively Modern Stuff That Is Crumbling And Is Causing All The Problems.

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There are still ancient bits left over, including the 13th century St Stephens chapel and some 16th century cloisters. But, in comparison, theyre in good nick. The structural stuff is ok. Its the relatively modern stuff that is crumbling and is causing all the problems. Read More There is a mile of basement corridors with a Victorian designed heating system (Photo: James Robinson Photography) There are mice occupying some of the office space where MPs work And theres a lot of it. The internal area of the full site is 28 acres, over seven floors with more wholesale scarves than 1,100 rooms and 4,000 windows, almost all of which are the original bronze. There are 778 radiators at least one of which next to me definitely doesnt work. There is also a mile of basement corridors and Victorian designed heating system with 14 miles of pipes. More were added in the 1860s, in the early 20th century and in the 1940s.

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